Pacific Room - Bed, nightstand, table with chairs, three windows behind them, door

Pacific Suite

Pacific Suite offers beach and white water views and privacy. Step inside the spacious Pacific Suite and be greeted by a panoramic view: the beach where the ocean meets the

Sea Breeze room - Bed, nightstands and window seating

Sea Breeze

Sea Breeze room offers beach and ocean views The Sea Breeze room is cozy and private and greets you with a warm glow in the afternoon. One of only two

Cove room bed

Cove Cottage

Relax in bed and enjoy the ocean view in this Craftsman-style cottage. Detailed with Asian accents, Cove features elegant bamboo flooring, a wood stove with glass doors and a custom

Main Area of Garden Room - stove, bed, TV, chair, dutch door

Garden Cottage

A thoroughly redwood room with the delicious warmth of paneling on all sides, this private cottage has a Franklin fireplace and a pleasant blue water view over the garden from

Drifwood room exterior

Driftwood Cottage

Many of our guests tell us that they could live in this private A-frame cottage. There’s a kitchen and dining table to give you the option of having dinner in.

Tree House room - large bed, chair, nightstand

Tree House

Your own private retreat is the upper floor of our Carriage House. (The first floor is used only for storage.) Stargaze through the skylights from the California king bed, or